Naturopathy is a system of medicine that is based on utilizing nature as the healing power for one’s ails. It is a holistic system, and it uses the doctors’ understanding of the body, spirit, and mind of a person and suggests a variety of techniques and therapies to treat or cure a patients’ illness.

Pestle and mortar

Pestle and mortar used for mixing herbs

Such therapies and techniques include:

  • Herbal medicine (holistic care)
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition-based treatments
  • Behavior change (through meditation and other means)
  • …and more.

Naturopathy is a medical philosophy that is often neglected as an option for treatment simply because it is an alternative medicine practice and being equated with holistic medicine, many fear that it is not as reputable or effective as conventional medicine.

There are actually two areas of focus in naturopathy. The first is supporting the body’s natural healing abilities, and the second is encouraging patients to make lifestyle changes such as behavioral and nutritional changes to help them achieve the best outcome for their natural treatment.

Those who are interested in pursuing naturopathic health practices utilize the improvement of their health through the treatment of the body and mind as a whole unit. This includes the body’s own capacity to heal itself—and though alternative medicine—creates a medical philosophy that would move the body to act in light of difficulties. This theory uses the example of the common cold, for example: the body would act to fight a cold due to naturopathic medicine.

In America, homeopathic medicine is still being confused with naturopathic health. These two philosophies are related, but they differ from a health aspect. While homeopathic medicine uses a method of treatment that introduces like substances to like substances (e.g., treat a cold with a lesser form of the cold virus), naturopathy uses similar principals but prefers not to use invasive surgery but to call on the body through different treatments, to treat the cold from within.

Naturopathic medical philosophy in the U.S. suggests that problem areas of the body can be repaired by utilizing natural aspects of one’s health, such as utilizing herbs, homeopathic remedies, or acupuncture, for example. This replacement is believed to be just as effective as surgery or drug treatments, but allows a natural approach rather than invasive methods and drugs.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been shown to reduce stress

There are many people who prefer non-invasive approaches to treatment of health problems rather than traditional drug treatment or surgery. This can be due to the nature of the illness being minor, or even as a last resort for those who have tried traditional medicine but it has become ineffective. Trying naturopathy and holistic care offers them a supplement or replacement to the ineffective traditional medical treatments.

This method of medicine does not end here. Acne homeopathic doctor prescriptions, are an example of the belief of naturopathy that encourages self-healing. Essentially, an acne homeopathic doctor would believe that the skin works from the inside out, where traditional dermatologists would acknowledge eating and drinking habits can help the skin, but would prescribe topical medication to treat acne from the outside.In naturopathic medicine, prescriptions of topical treatments are rare, and if they are prescribed, they are strictly herbal treatments—this type of treatment (let us take acne medication as an example), is much easier on the skin than laboratory-created topical medicine, but still may not be suitable for all acne cases.

Naturopathic health is a complicated aspect of the homeopathic and medical industry. There is still much confusion among most people regarding the differences are between naturopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine, not to mention the lack of knowledge about its philosophies and how it can benefit the body. It is gaining support in many areas, however, and is gathering momentum in the health field. Since more and more people are seeking non-invasive approaches to their health first, rather than traditional surgery or drug treatments, more are becoming aware of naturopathic medicine as an option.However, some are still very wary of this practice’s health aspect in response to the lack of evidential support, much like the homeopathic field. This debate involving homeopathy and naturopathic health will likely continue to remain heating as doctors learn more about medicine and the discussions of treatments will become broader.

More evidence will be shared regarding alternative treatments and their results, and regardless of the current debate on effectiveness, naturopathic health does has a proven track record of healthy results in patients, which does enable healing in many different ways.